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Proxy Insight Online

Proxy Insight Online was launched in 2014 and has become the most comprehensive source of shareholder voting intelligence ever assembled. As an online database, Proxy Insight has been designed to meet the needs of many types of user across the buy and sell sides. At its core, users may see how shareholders voted at individual resolutions at a specific shareholder meeting, which in turn may be compared to the published voting policy of each investor. Taking this data in aggregate becomes a much more powerful proposition, detailing how investors vote on specific issues, whether this varies by industry, country or indeed company size and whether such voting has changed over time. All this is combined with the contact details of the governance teams who call the shots at each investor regarding how the vote is ultimately cast.

The voting database has been augmented by voting recommendations from proxy advisers, which are received either directly or created via a synthetic model – this in turn helps users to quantify the importance of each proxy adviser for their shareholder in isolation. Many investors also provide rationales for their vote decisions, which are displayed in Proxy Insight, providing unparalleled insight into the reasons for each vote.

Our dedicated proxy contest module provides the most in depth analysis of voting activity at these most contentious shareholder votes, enabling users to understand why historic votes passed or failed with a view to shaping future campaigns.

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