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"Proxy Insight provides us with essential tools, such as up-to-date historical trends of investor behaviour and sentiment. It is a key partner, which helps us efficiently deliver great service to our clients."
Alvise Recchi, CEO - Morrow Sodali, London, UK
"Proxy Insight is a critical tool for understanding investor voting trends. The full suite of resources, including proxy voting history and important data on top investors, makes Proxy Insight a must-have for any corporate governance advisor."
Abe M. Friedman, CEO - CamberView Partners, LLC, San Francisco, USA
“Proxy Insight is a fantastic partner. Their team does a great job gathering and organizing the information investors and companies need to understand each other, translating data into intelligence.”
KT Rabin, CEO - Glass Lewis, San Francisco, USA
"As an advisor to companies and investors in activist situations, knowing the shareholder base and their voting approach is critical to success. Proxy Insight provides the data and analytical tools necessary to ensure my clients can plan their campaigns to have maximum impact with shareholders."
Greg Taxin, Managing Member - Spotlight Advisors, New York, USA
"As a very active global investor we find Proxy Insight’s dataset to be an essential tool to compare our voting with our peers and identify how other fellow investors are voting on the most contentious issues worldwide. Their site offers unparalleled analytics and functionality for governance professionals."
Michael McCauley, Senior Officer, Investment Programs & Governance - Florida State Board of Administration, Tallahassee, USA
"Proxy Insight has been a valuable tool in our client service toolkit from their inaugural year. The Proxy Insight team have always been proactive with their latest developments and responsive to our input on both data and functionality matters. Proxy Insight’s value added approach to data management enhances the strategic advice we provide to our clients."
Grant Hughes, COO - Kingsdales Advisors, Toronto, Canada
"We are very happy with the Proxy Insight Service and the responsiveness of their team."
David Salmon, President - Laurel Hill, Vancouver, Canada
"Following the introduction of the Corporate Governance Code and Stewardship Code in Japan, understanding how investors will vote becomes much more important for our client issuers. Proxy Insight provides us ample cases and is therefore essential for SR/IR advisory."
Keisuke Nagahama, President & CEO - Japan Shareholder Services, Tokyo, Japan
"Proxy Insight is a brilliant tool for providing evidence based rationale for what investors are likely to do in terms of voting. Being able to look at how a shareholder has voted previously allows us to better advise our clients during a strategic event. This is an essential tool."
Cas Sydorowitz, Chief Executive Officer - Georgeson, London, UK
"No company should wait until they receive an Against Say-on-Pay recommendation from a proxy advisor before engaging with their shareholders. Proxy Insight provides all the information necessary to advise corporations on the benefits of year-round engagement strategy."
Daniel Laddin, Founding Partner - Compensation Advisory Partners, New York, USA
“Proxy Insight is an invaluable tool we use to assess the voting environment in which our clients operate. Whether it’s Say-on-Pay or a new equity plan, Proxy Insight provides all the data necessary to ensure an optimal shareholder vote.”
Dave Eaton, Associate Partner - Aon Hewitt, San Francisco, USA

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