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Ultimate shareholder voting intelligence

Since launching in April 2014, Proxy Insight has become the world’s leading source of information on global shareholder voting. The company was founded by investor relations and data business specialists Nick Dawson and Nick Arnott.
While Proxy Insight is currently based in the UK and US, our operations are truly global in scope with clients spanning five continents. These clients are not only large investment managers, but also include small advisory firms, compensation consultants, bulge bracket investment banks and academic institutions.
We are closely linked to our sister company, Activist Insight, which specializes in providing unmatched intelligence to professionals in the global activist investment space. Activist Insight was founded in 2012 by Nick Arnott and Kerry Pogue.

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More than just a voting database

As we have grown, we have continuously engaged with our ever-larger client base, enhancing our product in line with the feedback we have received.
Our voting database has been augmented by voting recommendations from proxy advisers, as well as investor rationales for opposing certain proposals. We also have an advanced search function, which allows you to tailor our data to your specific needs.
Alongside voting data, our product offers daily corporate governance news, as well as investor profiles, which summarize their proxy voting policies. Our profiles also provide the most relevant contacts for each investor, allowing you to engage directly with those who make proxy voting decisions.

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A global brand in the making

Proxy Insight has featured regularly in world-renowned media outlets, including the New York Times and the Financial Times. Our customer support is second to none, relying on unparalleled expertise and responsiveness to ensure that our clients receive the information they require.
Proxy Insight is the only tool to offer the voting intelligence necessary to navigate today’s investor relations market. If you are not a client and would like to take a look, we would be delighted to offer you a trial. Please get in touch.

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